6.0 - Initial Thoughts

Patch day has come and gone, and besides Battleground queues being temporarily broken...

I need a 'mog worthy of her now.
First and foremost, my warrior looks amazing. When I first saw her updated model in the beta, I nearly cried. Troll hair has been notoriously... sad, and she just looks awesome now.

My wolf dances again. I started burning party grenades after watching my tauren’s facial expressions while dancing, and I had puppy out from a foray into the new UBRS, and... I may have kind of shouted in excitement to my husband.

I only changed 7 of about 40 faces: three unfortunate human eyebrows; two unexpectedly scowling gnomes; one overly perky night elf; and one troll that has so many awesome options now that I liked better. The rest I’ve been happy enough with, although I might go change some hairstyles now that they’re less blocky.

My rogue won the most-filled-crafting-tab. She’s the one that’s kept one stack of every type of herb.

Yes, that's Blood of Heroes.
I shoved so much stuff into void storage on my main hunter... and then went and did the same on my warlock, because wow, she had a lot of banked gear.

My shaman won the most-gold-from-currency-conversion: ~1400g.

I snagged the Bottomless Bag pattern for <100g. Thanks, combined Auction House!

And soloing... Just, wow. Last time I hopped into Dragon Soul 10N (about 3 weeks ago?) Morchok killed me since my pet wouldn’t tank him. I killed him in 9 seconds last night. Everything up to Spine was a cakewalk; Spine does some weird rolling stuff that’s going to take some work to get down smoothly.

I haven't tried out healing on my priest yet - I have heard mixed reviews.  I'll see how it goes later this week.



Well, we know for sure now that 6.0 is coming on Tuesday.  A lot of the expansion's mechanical changes will show up, even though the content won't be available until the release date.  Some of these I will miss, and some I will not.

I will not miss...
  • Hit rating, and the affiliated reforging.  So frequently I'd get into the later stages of a tier and either be dripping in excess hit rating, or unable to get enough of it, usually the former.
  • Kor'kron guards.  I've been irritated by them since they moved into the Undercity, and I don't even like Sylvanas.
  • Faction-separated auction houses.  I've got at least two characters I had to go to the other faction for to get transmog gear.  I will be glad to cut out the middle-men in Booty Bay.
  • Having to macro Revive Pet and Mend Pet to save space on my action bar.  They've been like that since Vanilla.  That change is long due.
  • Garrosh Hellscream.  Oh, wait...
I will miss...
  • Flying.  Hopefully it comes to Draenor at some point - the place is gorgeous, and there are some views you only get from the air.
  • A spammable instant shot.  I don't really care about Arcane Shot going from a rotational point of view, but for quickly pulling half a dozen things over for my bear to tank...
  • Damage on the level 90 talents as Discipline.  It means I'll need to go Shadow to solo old dungeons via Halo.  It also highlights that Discipline really is a healing tree.  (There's a comment in the patch notes about them being between a full healer and a full damage dealer, which means there's a real chance they'll just suck at both.  I'll see how some dungeons go after Tuesday.)
I guess there's not a lot I'm really going to miss.  I'm a bit nostalgic about Scatter Shot going, since I used it a lot in Vanilla PVP, and Hunter's Mark - rogues get to hide again.

I've already mentioned that I'm looking forward to some of the changes to the inventory UI - I'm really looking forward to them.  I will likely spend most of Tuesday getting all that sorted out, and then running around buying yet more toys.

And maybe beating up Garrosh again for a fancy bow.


Toybox Prep

Now that several waves of toys have been added to the toybox on the beta, and I've done some obsessive putting-away-of-toys, I've started looking at the toys I don't have.  Some I don't have because I never bought them for lack of space; some I didn't finish out the quests or reputation for.  And of course, some of them are new for Warlords.

So now that we know when the expansion is launching, I've got about three months to level alts, wrap up quests, achievements, and reputations... and go toy hunting.  Wowhead's got a good guide for toys overall, and between that, Altoholic (to weed out stuff I have somewhere), and the beta client, I've been looking at what I can do ahead of time.

Some of the items are going to be pricy (Kalytha's Haunted Locket), and some are just going to require farming (all the Timeless Isle drops I haven't gotten yet), but I've definitely got enough to keep me occupied for three months.

Or rather, the guesstimated month or so after the 6.0 patch, because, well, inventory.  I hit up a few of the easy ones - Gokk'lok's Shell, the Gin-Ji Knife Set, and similar items - and realized that if I start collecting before the patch, I'm going to have zero bag spaces free for the next few months.

So for now I'm curating my spreadsheet, accumulating some currency, and waiting for the WoW equivalent of a Black Friday shopping spree.


UI Upgrade Anticipation

The beta servers have had a couple character wipes, so I haven't done much more with it besides log over obsessively afterwards to see what's been added to the toy box.


Anyway, several of the upcoming features are enticing enough that I really miss them when I go back to the live servers.  Despite all the chaos and whatnot that it will bring, the 6.0 patch can't come soon enough in some ways.  These are my top three that I'm impatient for right now:

The Toy Box

So yeah, this is the first thing I've been doing after character wipes: recopying toons to see what I've got that's been added to the toy box.

It's getting there!  I'm a bit of a collector, so having a list like this is neat because it means I don't need to make a spreadsheet.  Or at least, it gives me the list for the first column of the spreadsheet.

I... may have had a zone spreadsheet for pets before it was added into the UI.

Anywho, on to...

Bag Clean Up

I was initially annoyed at how the new "Clean Up Bags" sorted things, but between the dropdowns on the bags themselves and the interface options, you can easily make stuff go where you want it to now.

 Most of my toons have one bag where I keep all their utility items - hearthstone, profession tools, the Darkmoon Faire Adventurer's Guide, and similar items.  I just have to remember to set that bag to "ignore" before sorting the first time, and it's going to be awesome.

I really miss this on my current auction toon when I've mailed myself a lot of stuff and then it intermixes with the auction mail.  It puts all the cloth together, herbs together, etc.

The Reagent Bank

The reagent bank is an amazing space saver; between having basically a whole guild bank tab and most materials stacking to two hundred, I'm actually planning to packrat a lot of legacy materials that I don't bother to right now.

Having four alchemists, I'm still going to run into who-has-what-herbs problems, but with the ability to easily stockpile so many and to craft straight from the bank, it's going to be awesome regardless.

It's a good thing we don't have to wait till November for these parts to go in, since I really want them now.


Beta Notes 10-12 (with bonus notes, Part 8)

Here's parts 10-12 of my beta notes, including some priest notes, initial Forsaken changes, and more.  Spoilers, of course.


Battle Pet: Infinite Whelpling

The Infinite Whelpling is one of my favorite battle pets; he's one of the three I use to beat the Darkmoon Faire tamer.

In its native environs
In the wild, the whelpling is found by the entrance to the Caverns of Time, and the spawns I've seen have all been level 13 and 14.  They're not uncommon, so unless someone is farming for a rare, you can probably pick one up easily.

For his first slot ability, you can pick between Tail Sweep and Sleeping Gas.  I usually have Tail Sweep slotted, since he's not particularly fast, unless I'm using him to farm levels for low-level pets, since he's faster than most of the wild pets I'm usually fighting. Tail Sweep is especially nice against a faster magic pet, since you'll get the type bonus on both hits.  This is what I use to knock out Judgement fast.

His second ability slot can be either Healing Flame or Weakness.  I'm not sure I've ever slotted weakness - Healing Flame is pretty good, especially if the pet you're fighting has a predictable ability pattern.  The harder he's hit the previous attack, the more he'll heal.

The third ability slot lets you pick either Early Advantage ('cause, well, he's part of the infinite flight) or Darkflame.  Early Advantage is especially good versus Jeremy Feasel because he'll follow up Judgement with Honky-Tonk, and the ability is strong against mechanicals.  Since he likely took a good deal of damage from Judgement, he'll get the double damage, and he'll probably have the dragonkin type bonus, too.  Darkflame can be useful in fights against pets with healing that needs to be countered, though.

We haven't seen the last of the infinite dragonflight!


Hearthstone Interlude: Daily Quests

So today's daily quest popped up, and it's "Destroy them all" - you know, the destroy 40 minions quest.  And immediately I thought: mage quest.

I'm not great at Hearthstone - I hover around rank 19 or 20, occasionally flirting with 18, but I don't play enough to get that good at it.  I am starting to favor particular classes for particular quests, though.

Seven of the daily quests don't have a class requirement, so you can complete them with whichever deck you want to play.  Here are the ones I like for each; if the first class seems to be having bad luck that day, I'll switch to one of the ones down the list.

3 Victories!: Win 3 games with any class.
  1. Hunter
  2. Warrior
  3. Mage
Beat Down: Deal 100 damage to enemy heroes.
  1. Mage
  2. Warrior
Destroy them All: Destroy 40 minions.
  1. Mage
  2. Warlock
  3. Warrior
Only the Mighty: Play 20 minions that cost 5 or more.

  1. Priest (customized for high-cost minions)
Spell Master: Cast 40 spells.
  1. Druid
  2. Mage
  3. Warlock
The Meek Shall Inherit: Play 30 minions that cost 2 or less.
  1. Rogue (my murloc deck)
  2. Paladin
  3. Priest (customized for low-cost minions)
  4. Hunter
Total Dominance: Win 7 games in any mode.
  1. Hunter
  2. Warrior
  3. Mage 
For the "X or Y class wins" quests, I basically have a priority:
  1. Hunter
  2. Warrior
  3. Warlock
  4. Mage
  5. Rogue
  6. Priest
  7. Shaman
  8. Paladin
  9. Druid
The priority lists aren't necessarily which deck is the strongest, but a mix of how much I enjoy the class and how like the deck's playstyle and how likely I am to win with it.  It's not a perfect mirror of my WoW class preferences - my WoW #2 is priests, and mage is one of the three I don't have at 90 (yet).  Hearthstone Jaina plays like Jaina from the books, though, and I appreciate that quite a bit.

Do you have different deck preferences for the quests?